PVA services for university inventors and companies

As a service provider for Saarland University, the Saarland University of Applied Sciences, the Centre for Mechatronics and Automation Technology (ZeMA) and PharmBioTec GmbH, the PVA is responsible for the proprietary protection and marketing of economically relevant research findings.

It assesses the patentability and market prospects of disclosed inventions, and offers help to Saarland universities in the decision of whether to claim or release an invention.

If the university or institute chooses to claim an invention, the Patent Marketing Agency staff will work in close collaboration with the inventor throughout the entire process, from contract negotiations and proprietary protection to developing marketing strategies and monitoring.

For university inventors

The Saarland Universities Patent Marketing Agency offers university inventors advice and support throughout the invention process.

The services offered do not simply cover the period after an invention emerges; they begin with the planning of your research project. Valuable research funds are often lost when academics unknowingly undertake research in areas which have already been investigated in similar identical form by others.

The PVA specifically offers the following services free of charge to university staff members:

  • Patent research to check whether an invention is new and/or to ascertain the state of technology in a particular research area
  • Preparing sample third-party contracts which comply with the requirements of the German Employee Invention Act (ArbnErfG)
  • Negotiating the economic framework conditions through cooperation agreements
  • Defining and formulating exploitation plans for funding applications
  • Offering guidance on the nature and timetable of the disclosure of the invention to the university.

For companies

Frequently, new technical ideas prove to be developments with great financial potential. Protecting them at an early stage through patent applications is a key stage in converting research findings into marketable products.

Working together with the Saarland Universities Patent Marketing Agency, the liaison office offers a comprehensive service for companies, company founders, private individuals and inventors from Saarland universities.

Whether for technical findings, product or company names, a new design or associated issues, Saarland patent lawyers offer free, confidential initial guidance as part of the inventor consulting process and provide solutions for all issues relating to intellectual property.

The PVA Patent Marketing Agency provides advice regarding the marketability of your ideas. Building on the invention’s proprietary protection, advice is available at any time regarding exploitation strategies, the sounding out of potential purchasers of the invention and company formation as an alternative exploitation strategy.

The PVA offers the following specific services for companies:

  • Patent research
  • Market research
  • Competition analysis
  • Patent monitoring
  • Identifying and contacting potential licensees
  • Negotiating patent purchase contracts and licence agreements
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