Technology transfer event series

Saarland University holds regular events that are designed to promote communication with industry. These events generally focus on exchanging ideas and finding new opportunities for collaboration.

If you are interested in taking part in one of these events as a company, we would be happy to add you to our invitation mailing list. If you would like to play an active part in an event, for example as a speaker or exhibitor, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Saarland University entrepreneur day

The aim of this forum for business representatives and academics is to help develop strategies for small and medium-sized companies through presentations and discussions. The entrepreneur day offers business representatives an opportunity to exchange and discuss ideas with professors and with each other.

This is organised by the KWT, ZPT Saar e.V., FITT gGmbH, HWK and IHK.

Laboratory discussions

Laboratory discussions are an opportunity to present the practical research and development work of selected university departments. The focus here is on topics and research findings which companies can use to remain competitive. Participation is free of charge, but participants are asked to register in advance.

This event series is run by the KWT and ZPT Saar e.V. in collaboration with municipal business promoters.

Industry meets science

The ‘Industry meets science’ event series is attempting to demonstrate the opportunities and potential opened up by collaboration. Once a year, industry representatives and scientists are invited to discuss current research topics and consider new approaches to solving them through presentations and discussions.

‘Industry meets science’ is organised by the KWT together with ZPT Saar e.V. and FITT gGmbH.

IT themed evening

This event, held several times a year, is designed for companies in the IT sector and the heads of IT departments. It has university academics and external experts speaking about a current topic, after which there is an opportunity for discussion with the speakers. Participation is free of charge, but participants are asked to register in advance.

The IT themed evening is organised by the KWT in conjunction with ZPT Saar e.V., DFKI and the mmci cluster.

Mechatronics industry day

With the mechatronics industry day, the university is creating a platform where professors, doctoral candidates and students of engineering as well as regional companies can exchange ideas and find out about opportunities for collaboration. This all-day specialist lecture event thus offers a wide variety of presentation formats enabling companies to introduce themselves to students as potential employers and internship providers. Business representatives are of course also welcome to attend as visitors.

Professors as speakers

If you are interested in inviting a Saarland University professor to attend your event as a guest speaker, we would be happy to help put you in touch with them.