The Saarland University Knowledge and Technology Transfer Liaison Office (KWT) and the university’s knowledge and technology transfer company Wissens- und Technologietransfer (WuT) GmbH are affiliated with each other over a number of areas of responsibility.

The Technology Transfer Office, Patent Marketing Agency (PVA) and the business start-up department work in close collaboration. New technologies are identified for potential economic implementation, given proprietary protection where appropriate and transformed into a business start-up by this alliance.

The start-up centre helps with the founding of young companies arising from the university and non-university research institutes. Together with well-equipped office and laboratory space, it offers start-ups professional infrastructure (central secretariat, meeting and training rooms etc.).

Workshops, seminars, round tables and discussions with experts enable young entrepreneurs to expand and consolidate their business management skills. Students develop their interest in the possibility of ‘entrepreneurial independence’ through business simulations, idea competitions and creative training.

The congresses and conferences division organises and runs events for the university and its departments. Its other services include supporting trade fair appearances by start-ups.