Students develop solutions

Young entrepreneurs in training process company orders

Students can test out their entrepreneurial skills at Saarland University as a jUNIt (short for ‘junge Unternehmer im Training’, or young entrepreneur in training). The KWT acquires orders from Saarland-based companies and the university itself, and then offers them to students or teams of students for processing.

The special feature of jUNIt projects is that the students process the orders as self-employed professionals and register a business or freelance activity. This teaches them about the key steps involved in setting up a business. At the beginning of the project, they calculate the costs and prepare a quotation. Once the services have been performed, an invoice is submitted. The students are supported by the KWT (and its associated network) through coaching before and during order processing, with other benefits including free tax advice.

Brainstorm – students develop creative solutions  

The workshop ‘Brainstorm – from idea to concept’ is intended to help Saarland University students to develop their personal, professional, social and entrepreneurial skills. It calls for creativity and lateral thinking.

The workshop is divided into two parts:

  1. Creativity techniques and the foundations of modern project development.
  2. Students split into interdisciplinary teams to work on actual problems from a Saarland company and to develop creative approaches to solving them. 

The strategies learnt can be implemented in both academic work (presentations, projects and assignments, dissertations) and everyday professional project work.