Start-up centre

Students and graduates with entrepreneurial spirit can implement their business ideas under the best possible conditions at the start-up centre, in close proximity to research and teaching activities. At the three start-up centres on the Saarbrücken and Homburg campuses, young entrepreneurs can rent office and laboratory space at reasonable prices and – together with other companies – make use of the infrastructure, from the secretariat service to conference rooms.

Favourable starting conditions reduce the financial risk involved in a business start-up, and the founders can exchange ideas whilst also retaining contact with the university.

The terms of the lease are limited to three years, as there is a high level of demand among aspiring company founders for business space on the campus.

The start-up centre is a model for success – so far, 371 companies have implemented their business ideas (as of 12/2017) and are now operating successfully on the market.

Check out our YouTube video presenting the start-up centre!