Entrepreneurial Campus Saar

Grafik Übersicht Gründer-Campus Saar
Übersicht Gründer-Campus Saar

Saarland University scored highly in this year’s EXIST competition (www.exist.de) – organised by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology – with its ‘Entrepreneurial Campus Saar’ strategy concept, and was one of three universities to be named ‘EXIST Entrepreneurial University’ in Berlin by the Minister of Economics Philipp Rösler.

The key strategic aim is to develop a sustainable culture of entrepreneurship in teaching, research and administration at Saarland University and non-university research institutes. The topic of entrepreneurship is rooted in all disciplines, with significant contributions from professors in all subjects, former start-up centre founders and also external companies offering their own experiences.

The ‘Entrepreneurial Campus Saar’ will be home to a central ‘Entrepreneurship, Business Start-Up and Innovation’ scientific institution which will promote creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and a passion for independence.

At the Entrepreneurial Campus Saar, the short distances between the university, non-university institutes and companies will enable swift action and unconventional developments. Saarland University’s position at the heart of Europe and its close networking with the greater SaarLorLux region both enhance the prospects for start-ups oriented towards international markets.

The ‘Entrepreneurial Campus Saar’ is thus a sustainable model which will ensure collaborative partnerships between Saarland University and non-university research institutes, the Scheer Group, cooperation and network partners in the state, and the Saarland economy.