Announcement and Call for Papers 

Joint Symposium of the

Belgian Group of Rheology BGR

and the

German Rheological SocietyDRG


Rheology – 360°


March 19-20, 2018

University of Luxembourg, Campus Limpertsberg

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The focus of the joint symposium of the DRG and the BGRare the rheological properties of complex fluids in all its aspects. Colloidal dispersions, polymer solutions and melts, filled systems and life science fluids are characterised by complex flow behaviour. The objective of this symposium is to present novel results in the fields of theory & simulations,experiments and applications. Contributions from both academia and industry are welcomed in order to touch flow phenomena of a wide variety of complex fluids.

In particular, young rheologists are encouraged to present their results and share their insights withinthe rheological community. There will be no parallel sessions. Ample time will be provided for discussions. The conference language will be English.

Abstract submission until January 31, 2018 here

The rheology meeting will be followed by the traditional Amherst Rheology Course, a 2-day short course on rheology. Participants to the rheology meeting are encouraged to enroll in the course.  More information can be found at: