‘Culture of Entrepreneurship at Saarland University’ survey

Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship is one of the key objectives of the entrepreneurial university project.

Conducting a culture of entrepreneurship survey at various points offers a way of understanding how this culture is developing and progressing at Saarland University, and is also a useful tool for evaluating the project.

A representative campus-wide survey of Saarland University’s more than 18,000 students was conducted to ascertain the current culture of entrepreneurship. This used a model that recorded the central standards and values underlying a culture of entrepreneurship and thus reflected students’ views regarding the current state of the culture of entrepreneurship at Saarland University.

This survey is scheduled to be repeated at regular intervals over the coming years, thus ensuring an ongoing evaluation of the progress of Saarland University’s entrepreneurial university project and enabling such measures as assessing how Saarland University students feel about the effectiveness of various measures.

PDF culture of entrepreneurship findings report (2.4 MB)